Your Existing Documentation as a Wiki

Wikify takes your existing documents and data and automatically creates links inside the content

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Wikify Your Information

Your existing documents and data, wherever they are stored, are all related. Wikify creates links in and provides relevant information with a single click.

Easily manage invoices, project documentation, and other content

Find invoices, bills, and documents like procedures by clicking on the links that Wikify creates for you. If you work with documents on a daily basis, Wikify can easily save you hours per week!

See what is missing

How much time have you spent looking for missing information? Wikify already looked for you and can point it out before you start searching.

Connects to your existing folders

You can leave all your documents where they are! Wikify can connect to your existing folders and provide a fully clickable web-based view in minutes.

Collaborate easily

You no longer have to understand how someone else has filed his/her information. Wikify can identify invoice numbers, project numbers, document numbers, etc. and create links to content that is not managed by you.


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